Random hacking


I am a Debian developer. Here is my Debian homepage. My Debian related efforts are located documented there.


Older stuff

Debian LSB compliance
LSB Futures

FOSS development

FOSS Build and Install Common Practices
A recursive Makefile Example


Good practices for using ssh
SSL Certificate Authority Options

Linux Hardware HOWTOs

Using HP ProLiant systems with Debian
Enabling keyboards in Linux
Debian on an HP nc4010 laptop
Info on HP NetRAID cards in Linux
Updating the firmware of an HP msa1500 using Debian
How to setup an msa1000 using the serial console
Some hints when using proliant systems
Using free software to monitor S.M.A.R.T drives on SmartArray (cciss) controllers

Other stuff

Stupid d-i tricks
My d-i preseeding config
How to setup an IPIP tunnel on Debian
Additional network hub shapes for Dia. I sent them to the maintainer but never got a response, I need to try sending them again. These are pretty generic, I would like to generate model specific stuff for the HP Procurve stuff I use at work.
A postfix CIDR map for matching bogon addresses
Using Debian's devscripts dch for sysadmin logs
Repairing a Supermicro fan (fan-0066 part number 672042610488)

Non-computer stuff

Pictures documenting adding an auxiliary battery to my Volkswagon Vanagon.
My new workbench.

Matt Taggart <matt@lackof.org>