New workbench

I had a workbench in the garage that came with the house and was made out of an old solid core door and some 4x4s and 2x6s. It was 7'x3' and massive, took up a lot of space in the garage, and was mostly full of junk and wasted space. I decided rather than a deep workbench, I wanted one that was pretty shallow, but very long.

So I built a workbench that's 18" deep and 20ft long. I won't actually use it as a workbench except for small things, mostly it will hold tools, chargers, a bench grinder, a vice, etc. on top. Underneath there will be spots for my tools drawers, air compressor, shopvac, a couple shelves, trashcans of chicken food and organic fertilizer, etc.

The work surface

I put channels in a 2x4 frame to hold 1/2" OSB, and then the masonite is glued on top of the OSB and edges of the 2x4's. That way you can't see the edge of the OSB, just the face of the 2x4 and 1/4" masonite. In this video underneath you can see the OSB and short blocks of 2x2 I used at each corner. This allowed me to screw orthogonally cross-grain to cross-grain (no toe-screwing, or screwing into end grain).

The lower shelves

For the lower shelves I wanted to just use 2x2s and didn't want to go to the effort of doing the channels+OSB+masonite. So it's just 1/2" AC plywood sitting on top of the 2x2 frame. The 2x2" have lap joints at the corners (hidden lap joints on the front), which you can't really see in the video because they are hidden by the shelf surface. The plywood is attached via screws from underneath.


It is constructed out of: Other details:
Matt Taggart