Six years ago we started hosting web sites, email, and domains on our server We combined our Linux server administration skills to provide Internet services for not only ourselves, but also friends, family, and community groups.

Last year we determined it was time to upgrade our aging server. After evaluating different hosting providers, we decided to continue with is a locally-owned, Fort Collins, linux-friendly provider with competitive pricing and great service. We are currently in the process of switching to a newer, faster server with more hard drive space, and the most recent release of Debian Linux.

We ask that you to consider helping us pay our bill. Our server hosting costs us $1500 per year or $125 per month, which is currently split among four of us. Our server currently hosts roughly 56 domains, 61 websites, 46 e-mail lists, e-mail for 33 domains, 40 individual users, and assorted other applications (blogs, webcalendars, etc). If everyone were to chip in a little bit, it would go a long way towards our overall bill.

Some of the users and groups we host are financially secure, while others are not, and each user or group uses a different menu of services. This makes it difficult to recommend donation amounts that would be fair to everyone taking into account both means and services used. As a starting point, we're currently suggesting $5/year per service you use (website, e-mail account, etc) - if your site sees a lot of traffic, maybe more - if you're just parking an inactive domain on our server, maybe less.

Please only help if you can, and only give what you think the service is worth to you.

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Matt, John, Paul, and Dan

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